Some problems that can happen before and after the cruise:

– Late arrival:


  •       If you encounter a traffic jam, an accident on the way to the wharf, etc., please contact the corporate office in Halong or contact the Hotline to notify in advance.


  •       In case guests are late for less than 15 minutes, the cruise will arrange to wait or use other transferring ships of the company to bring guests on board.


  •       In case guests arrive more than 15 minutes late, Orchid Cruise will find a way to arrange speedboats for guests to board in time to check-in. Speedboat rental fee is to be paid by the guest.


  •       In case the guest uses the cruise’s Limousine and arrives late, the cruise will be responsible and pay the full fee for the guest to board on time.


– Lost luggage:

  •       If you lose your luggage having given to our staff during our check-in procedures, please contact the Cruise General Manager. We will review the Lounge and all areas of the ship to find your lost luggage. In this case Orchid Cruise will be responsible if the luggage cannot be found.
  •       If you lose your luggage before giving it to Orchid cruise staff, please contact the Cruise General Manager, we will assist in finding the lost luggage but will not be responsible if the luggage is not found.


– Loss of personal belongings in the room:

  •       Orchid Cruise will not be responsible if you lose your personal belongings during the entirety of trip.

Note: All valuable personal belongings such as money, gold, tablets, .. should be kept in the safe when leaving the room. Items such as computers, cameras, etc., if they do not fit in the safe, need to be sent to the reception’s safe.

  •       In case you have left your belongings at the Reception and the belongings were lost, Orchid Cruise will be responsible for compensating you.


– Forgot items after checking-out

  •       In case you forget your belongings after returning to the shore, please contact Sales staff at one of the two addresses in Halong and Hanoi with your booking information and cabin number. Sales staff will contact the General Cruise Manager to find it again.
  •       In case our staff finds it, Orchid Cruise will send the item to your address, the shipping fee will be paid by the guest, or the guest can go to the Orchid waiting lounge at Got wharf to receive the item back.


– Dropping belongings into the sea

  •       In case you drop your personal items into the sea, please contact the General Cruise Manager immediately for assistance. The staff can only help you to pick up your items while the ship is anchored and when the items you drop are floating objects (hat, clothes, shoes, slippers). Orchid Cruise staff cannot help pick up sunken items (e.g. phones, computers, cameras, etc.)

Note: while the train is in motion, the staff will not be able to assist you to pick up dropped items.


In addition to the above incidents, if you encounter any other urgent problems, please contact us at: [email protected] or call our Hotline: +84 9 3663 8069.


Halong Head Office: #32, Anh Dao St, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province 

Tel: +84.33 3 846 810/ 3 846 811 

Fax: +84.33 3 846 599 


Email: [email protected] 


Hanoi Sales Office: #56 Luu Huu Phuoc, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi 

Tel: +84.24 3759 3098/ 3927 5797/ 3927 5796 

Hotline: +84 9 3663 8069 – My/Ms (24/7 service) 

Email: [email protected].