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Travel season

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World - Halong Bay is the most famous tourist destination in Vietnam. A frequent question of any traveler when choosing a Halong Bay cruise among thousands of options is: How to find the perfect cruise for your trip?

The first thing I want to share about Ha Long Bay is that it is truly a beautiful destination and well worth your time to explore, however, choosing the right time to travel should affect your whole experience. So please take a look at my advice in regards of your travelling time.


Before starting your trip, you need to consider where Halong Bay is located. Halong Bay is located in the North of Vietnam and has four distinct seasons all year round: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

However, the peak season and low season of Ha Long Bay are divided into the following two phases:


High season from October to March: This is the right time to visit Ha Long Bay because the cool, dry weather makes it possible to take many beautiful photos and participate in many interesting outdoor activities. without having to worry about the heat nor the rain, which won't possibly lead to the cancellation of your cruise.

Tips: You can easily take beautiful pictures of Ha Long Bay if you travel in the right season.


Low season April-September: Erratic rains can dampen your good mood during the tour, however the sun is always up and it's a bit hot so it's the perfect time to go swimming .

Tips: Note that July and August sometimes have unpredictable storms and the Bay administrators have to cancel all excursions due to safety reasons. This doesn't happen too often but it would be a pity if your trip was canceled due to these unexpected events.

Choose your Halong Bay Cruise

There are so many cruises on Halong Bay that it gets very difficult to find the one that's best for you. Don't worry, keep following these 3 criteria: Cruise tour duration, cruise & boat activities to help you decide the most suitable one.


Visiting time:

There are two options to consider for the length of a cruise tour: do you want to take a day cruise or an overnight cruise, and if so, how many nights will you stay?

=> Usually tourists prefer to stay one or two nights on a Halong Bay cruise, because with a day cruise in Halong Bay, your time is often rushed. I recommend choosing the full 2 ​​night program because this way you will have enough time to explore and enjoy Halong Bay. Many travelers regret that they didn't make the 2 night cruise.

But of course, this will also involve your budget. There are many categories of cruises, such as: Luxury cruises, Mid-range cruises, Budget cruises, Private cruises, Day cruises, Party cruises, ...

=> It's important to know what you want - whether you want your cabin to have a balcony, a bathtub, whether your tour is provided with delicious Vietnamese food or simply a cabin with an ocean view is enough? It's also important to note that many cruises may seem inexpensive, but there are many hidden fees to pay such as kayaking fees, meal fees, excursion fees, and more. So all together, make sure you know the value you're paying.



This natural wonder has many places to visit such as Cat Ba Island, Vung Vieng Floating Village, Trong Cave, Ba Trai Dao Beach, Trung Trang Cave, Cong Do or Cong Dam,… Mainly they are divided into 3 main attractions: caves, villages and beaches (or islands). So find out which one is most interesting and appealing to you then search for cruises within your budget that have the itineraries that match your expectations. Note that this itinerary is subject to change depending on the weather and season, so make sure to confirm this with your itinerary at the time of booking.


Cruise activities:

  • You can visit the floating village: If you see this activity listed in the cruise itinerary, you will have the opportunity to see the seafood farm, understand more about the living conditions of the local people. Not all tours include this activity; it depends on your needs.
  • You can go swimming: Depending on the program, you may have the opportunity to stop at an island or beach to swim, sunbathe or simply enjoy the atmosphere of the bay. On some occasions, you can even jump out into the middle of the bay for a swim.
  • You can kayak: All cruises allow tourists to kayak past different caves. This can be a fun activity that tourists often ask for.
  • You can go caving: The huge caves in Halong Bay will surprise you. Stepping inside the caves, you will definitely be amazed at the breathtaking view of nature's more than a-thousand-year creation.

There are many other activities such as taking a cooking class on the cruise, tai chi class on the sundeck, tea ceremony, and more.

In conclusion, before embarking on any trip, you must take the time to thoroughly research the information. The best and most effective way is to look at various reviews on the Internet when searching for any type of establishment. The trick to choosing a travel agency you're not familiar with is that you can look at their ratings and reviews on TripAdvisor - the world's largest travel forum to find the average score for other guests' trips, and know what to expect to vacationing in Halong Bay.

THINGS to do



Embracing the magnificent scenery of Halong Bay from dusk to dawn, weaving among the limestone islands, infatuated with the idyllic beauty of the small fishing village nestled next to the mountains - The rustic and untouched landscapes of Halong Bay will fill visitors with unforgettable memories.


Culinary tasting

Using exotic flavors and spices originally found in Vietnamese cuisine, Orchid's talented chefs will fill the hearts of foodies with an incredibly scrumptious menu. The ingredients are carefully selected, processed and upgraded from time to time, following our original exclusive recipes invented by our Head chef. The plates are then creatively presented to satisfy the palates and eyes of diners from North to South.


Night squid fishing

Relax your soul in the vast sky and fresh cool breeze of the night sea, play the role of a fisherman who goes out to fish for squid at night. Catching the squid yourself and enjoying the fresh products on the spot will definitely be an unforgettable memory in your Orchid Cruise journey.


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