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Pioneering in the journey to discover the wonderful gateway to the Northeast of Vietnam: Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay - Cat Ba Island, Orchid Cruises offers a premium cruising experience with 6 five-star quality boats: Premium - Classic - Trendy.

Engage in a journey of sublimate emotions with Orchid Cruises, enjoy high-class services and experience the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine in the heart of this charming world heritage.




Embracing the magnificent scenery of Halong Bay from dusk to dawn, weaving among the limestone islands, infatuated with the idyllic beauty of the small fishing village nestled next to the mountains - The rustic and untouched landscapes of Halong Bay will fill visitors with unforgettable memories.

Culinary tasting

Using exotic flavors and spices originally found in Vietnamese cuisine, Orchid's talented chefs will fill the hearts of foodies with an incredibly scrumptious menu. The ingredients are carefully selected, processed and upgraded from time to time, following our original exclusive recipes invented by our Head chef. The plates are then creatively presented to satisfy the palates and eyes of diners from North to South.

Night squid fishing

Relax your soul in the vast sky and fresh cool breeze of the night sea, play the role of a fisherman who goes out to fish for squid at night. Catching the squid yourself and enjoying the fresh products on the spot will definitely be an unforgettable memory in your Orchid Cruise journey.


Liberating your body under the cool azure-blue water, swimming freely amongst the magnificent sights of the karsts and inhale the salty flavor of the sea - these moments are sure to engrave in your mind of the emotional journey to discover Halong Bay- World's Heritage.

Spa treatment

Drifting along Halong Bay to enjoy the majestic wonders, away from the daily hustle and bustle, this is the ideal time for you to relax your body and mind and. Immerse yourself in the luxurious relaxation space of Orchid Spa; along with a team of professional staff, each process of care and treatment will be unforgettable.

Tea ceremony

Since ancient times, tea is not only associated with daily life but also considered the quintessence of Vietnamese culture. Amidst the charming heritage site, with a cup of warm, fragrant afternoon tea, visitors will have the opportunity to discover and experience the unique art of tea tasting - an elegant pleasure imbued with Vietnamese traditional identity.

Visit the fishing village

Coming to Halong Bay, you will have the opportunity to admire the unique beauty of the fishing villages and "slowly drift" and the simple life of the people here. Immersed in the fresh air, wandering on winding small streets amidst beautiful natural scenery, admiring ancient houses is one of the activities not to be missed in the journey to discover the heritage.

Ride a bamboo boat

Like in a fairy tale with the sound of oars splashing the water, the fishermen of the fishing village will row a bamboo boat to take you to each cave, through the limestone mountains covered with green trees and vegetation. You will be immersed in the legendary landscape of Halong Bay, listening to the clear sounds of the idyllic life in harmony with the majestic natural scenery.


Immerse yourself to discover the natural beauty in the midst of wonders with our most-anticipated activity: kayaking in Halong Bay. It is the beautiful scenery of the mountains mixed with the emerald blue water that passengers will find Halong Bay in a completely different perspective.

Tai Chi classes

Leaving behind all the chaos of life, waking up at dawn "knocking" with a Tai Chi class will help you relax your mind and regulate your body. Relax in every movement, inhale the fresh air of the sea with the "touch" of the wind and the magnificent scenery of Halong Bay will surely bring you unique and memorable experiences.

Cooking classes

Join a cooking class to create your own special flavors and test your own taste buds. This will certainly be a valuable time to learn about the unique culinary culture of Vietnam and also an opportunity to bond and interact with new friends on a far-from-home journey.


Not only is it a form of physical exercise to improve health, but cycling through each new land is also a unique experience in the journey to discover and enjoy the primitive and idyllic beauty in the heart of Halong Bay. You can "roam" along the small paths, immersed in the fresh air of island and earth or freely stop to observe the beauty of Mother Nature.


Early Bird – off 10%

Early Bird – off 10%

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Last minute – off 10%

Last minute booking Condition: Booking must be made 7 days in advance of the departure date 10% off from the…