Preventing Covid-19 on Orchid Cruise

While Covid-19 pandemic remains complicated, Orchid Cruise always focuses on implementing safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the health of all passengers. as well as employees on board. The measures are required with every passenger and will be implemented as follow:


– You will have your body temperature checked by a thermometer once before boarding the bus in Hanoi and once before boarding the cruise. Results are accordingly recorded on the client information sheet and stored.


– Regulations for staff: Always wear a mask (3-layer medical mask) when in direct contact with guests and use hand sanitizer when serving.


– Display dry hand sanitizer in public areas on the ship: reception, restaurant, sundeck, toilet, …


– The cruise will carry out disinfection spraying of the whole ship, clean and seal each cabin to ensure absolute cleanliness.


– Passengers are placed in groups of their own and tables will be arranged no less than 2 meter.


In particular, Orchid Cruise will apply a flexible date change policy for customers booking from now until the end of December 2021.


We look forward to receiving your support and cooperation to well implement safety procedures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.


Note: At the request of the authorities, please bring a mask when disembarking as commanded by local inspectors. In case guests have abnormal symptoms that need assistance, Orchid staff will assist in contacting and bringing guests to the nearest medical facilities.