As a world famous natural heritage with thousands of islets, limestone islands, turquoise waters and beautiful beaches, Halong Bay will definitely be a destination that you cannot miss. Coming to Orchid Cruise, you will enjoy the journey to discover the wonderful natural beauty of creation with new and exciting adventures. However, each time of the year will “beautify” the natural scenery with different colors, bringing a unique mark to each visitor.


Halong Bay has typical weather of Northern Vietnam with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. From April to September the weather is hot with occasional rain and from October to March the weather is quite pleasant. The best time to explore Halong Bay on Orchid Cruise is spring and autumn (from April to October). The weather at this time brings a cool atmosphere with gentle breezes and poetic scenery of trees, mountains, and sea water.


In general, Halong Bay has a tropical climate with hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. The average annual humidity is above 80% and usually ranges from 70% to 90%. The average temperature of Halong Bay is about 24 degrees Celsius.


In particular, the summer here is about 34 degrees Celsius and can reach 38 degrees Celsius. But thanks to the location of the closed sea, the heat is significantly reduced and visitors will feel more comfortable when traveling on the island and participating in beach activities such as swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, volleyball. In addition, cruising at this time will give you an enjoyable experience, with the sun, the beautiful scenery and the clear blue water.


On the other hand, the weather here is colder in winter with temperatures as low as 13 degrees Celsius, sometimes down to 5 degrees Celsius. However, despite its proximity to the sea, Halong Bay rarely experiences heavy rain storms. If you want to go on a cruise in the winter, this is also a good opportunity to avoid the tourist crowds like in the summer. 


Thus, at any time of the year, you can also join a cruise to discover one of the seven world natural heritages. Orchid Cruise with luxurious, comfortable space, high-class service and many exciting activities promises to bring you memorable experiences on your journey to discover the natural wonders of Halong Bay.