Travel season

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World – Halong Bay is the most famous tourist destination in Vietnam. A frequent question of any traveler when choosing a Halong Bay cruise among thousands of options is: How to find the perfect cruise for your trip?

The first thing I want to share about Ha Long Bay is that it is truly a beautiful destination and well worth your time to explore, however, choosing the right time to travel should affect your whole experience. So please take a look at my advice in regards of your travelling time.


Before starting your trip, you need to consider where Halong Bay is located. Halong Bay is located in the North of Vietnam and has four distinct seasons all year round: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

However, the peak season and low season of Ha Long Bay are divided into the following two phases:


High season from October to March: This is the right time to visit Ha Long Bay because the cool, dry weather makes it possible to take many beautiful photos and participate in many interesting outdoor activities. without having to worry about the heat nor the rain, which won’t possibly lead to the cancellation of your cruise.

Tips: You can easily take beautiful pictures of Ha Long Bay if you travel in the right season.


Low season April-September: Erratic rains can dampen your good mood during the tour, however the sun is always up and it’s a bit hot so it’s the perfect time to go swimming .

Tips: Note that July and August sometimes have unpredictable storms and the Bay administrators have to cancel all excursions due to safety reasons. This doesn’t happen too often but it would be a pity if your trip was canceled due to these unexpected events.