The mystery inside Trung Trang Cave

Located in Trung Trang Valley, Trung Trang Cave is dubbed a masterpiece of Mother Earth in Cat Ba Island. With a length of about 300m through the mountain and thousands of stalactites in various shapes, the cave offers not only geological but also historical values as it was chosen to be the operating place of the naval headquarters during the American-Vietnam war (1964 – 1968) 🗾

Nowadays, visitors can still see historical features such as the water tank, activity room, and meeting room serving soldiers’ daily lives 🕵🏻‍♂️

Also, Trung Trang cave is home to many creatures such as reptiles, insects, birds, and bats – a typical ecosystem in the mysterious darkness 🦇🪱🦗🐍

There are many more things that make the multi-chambered Trung Trang Cave fun to explore. Hurry up and contact us to discover this interesting destination!